the artist: vintage recycled handbag creator extraordinaire  


day tripper... recycled seam ripper!

in late 2002, SalvationSacks sprang into existence when margaret, its creator, was cleaning out her garage and realized that she had collected decades of fabulous vintage items that she could not bear to discard - even some 1960s and 1970s clothing that had been handed down by her mom, and thus cherished all the more. around the same time, disenchanted with life as a corporate attorney, she yearned to get back in touch with her artistic side and use the right side of her brain again. margaret’s Bulgarian family includes several artists in it and creativity has always been a big part of her life.

so as margaret pondered the fabrics before her, she noticed that certain eclectic mixes of fabrics and patterns looked good together. she decided to reconstruct her collection of clothing and textiles into wearable art. voila…the 1st SalvationSack was born!

after a long process, margaret perfected her patterns, prototypes, and production processes, and SalvationSacks is now in full gear. margaret loves to mix and match textures that are not normally seen together (like cotton, boucle, corduroy and leather). margaret is an avid recycler and enjoys taking the extra time to make socially conscious, functional and fashionable wearable creations and save beautiful fabrics with a history behind them from disappearing forever.

margaret's creativity allows her to mix fabric combinations so that no 2 SalvationSacks are alike…individuality at its finest! no other person on the planet will have a bag identical to yours.
thanks for the interest and support…enjoy!



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