you down for the cause? so are our bags  


these recycled material handbags are down for the cause!

SalvationSacks blends a strong sense of social consciousness with a love for all things from the past by recycling discarded and forgotten objects and reconstructing them into handbag creations. We shun the use of sweatshops and focus on and encourage a collaborative and fair creative process, completed entirely in San Diego, California. the environmental goals of SalvationSacks center upon using creative design to breathe new life into items that we so easily reject in today's disposable society. thus, we strive on sustainability and lessening the draw on our country's natural resources for new materials. rather than focus on the mass production of 1 bag, SalvationSacks makes ownership special and exclusive because no 2 are exactly the same ….so, if you fall in love with a certain sack, snag it quick before someone else does!


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